Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Prashant tagged me.. Grrrrrrrrrrr... I'll get you some day for this... ;)))

This is a morsel of Me...

1. Introvert: I am outgoing. I get along with people well and soon. I am known to have a huge group of friends. But there is a side to me that only my very close ones know about. I am comfortable in large groups; at the same time I enjoy my solitude too.

2. Easy Going: I tend to take life as it comes and thus embrace what it has to offer. I am usually cool with people; unless they brush my ego (I have tons of it ;)) in the wrong way, take me for granted or try to exploit me. Then, I make sure that I get my point across loud and clear.

3. Passion: I love dancing. I started learning classical dance at the age of 4, just after I learned to walk without banging into things around me. Now I can move to any kind of music right from Bhangra to Hip Hop. Music is very close to my heart although very few people know that I can sing without the dead rising ;). Writing is a passion that I have come out in the open with only recently. Reading is a pastime that I am still re-discovering.

4. Friends: Aaaaaaaah! What would I have done without them… They are my soul mates…

5. I am here, HOW???: Some unprecedented biological mishap??? Hehe.. :D

6. Sports: Errrr.. Does Suduko count as sports??? ~grin~ I have always been PATHETIC at sports. I used to participate in these running races and used to invariably end up being the first.. from the LAST!!!... nevertheless I used to happily jog on the tracks as if on an evening stroll, when all the other players would have reached the final point long before.. The viewers would groan and shout at me to either finish the race fast or get off the tracks... But I used to shamelessly wave back at them, grinning widely, as if I were some celebrity being cheered by the mob and continue jogging...

7.What I dislike : Let me re-phrase the question… What I HATE to the core of my heart: BIGOTS, HYPOCRISY & FANATICS in that order.

8. Spirituality: Some thing which is confused with religion these days. Spirituality is nurturing the inner you, the spirit within you. Religion is only one of the means to achieving that.

9.Me and My Dreams : I have a million dreams. I am living through one this very moment. ~smiles~

10.Hobbies : My passions are my hobbies.

11.My most weird dream : That I would become a writer one day… Hehe.. Weird na??? ~wink~

Phew! Done with my first tag ever.. :)

Monday, October 09, 2006


This sweet little Poet celebrated his b'day yesterday. He wrote to me "My b'day on the 8th ... so wish me ... hehe .. :)" ~smiles~

Anup, wishing you all the happiness that life can give.. All the best for your exams and for every impediment you may have to face.. Hope you find your rhyme soon. Its about time.. ;)))