Wednesday, April 12, 2006


When people come into our lives they take with them a little bit of ourselves. People that define everyday of our lives are nothing but extensions of us – little particles of ourselves floating around in our little universe; like the firecracker that bursts into a million sparks against a dark moonlit silhouette.

I would like to dedicate this post to such a spark in my life who has been on my mind for the past couple of days… An impulsive laugh, loud enough to shake the very ground that we walk on… An inspiring persona any living thing would look up to… A tender touch filled with unconditional, genuine care and concern… She came into our lives like a breeze with a sunshine smile, created a tornado which swept us off our feet to simply steel our hearts away.

Some old lady once told me that only good things happen to good people. Well, life does not walk around in the streets with an evil detector in its hands ready to shower curses at people when the machine starts beeping. In reality we are like this feather in ‘Forrest Gump’ floating ever-so-heedlessly wherever the wind called ‘life’ takes it. The wind could either take it to a sea of daffodils or to a busy Mumbai street to be trampled by the mob.

So the fact is, bad things can happen to good people as well... and it did… to her of all the people in this world…

She had been living in this bubble created by her, shut away from reality, wrapped in the comfort of memories and all the time hiding the torment within. We had watched the bubble burst before our very own eyes – helpless and in despair. It should be awfully scary to look at the wide blue ocean knowing that you may have to sail through it alone. Would she ever know that we would be there for her through all odds? But the truth was - will it make a difference?

Weird are the ways of life and the paths that it takes us through. The difference between life and classroom is that “Class room teaches you a lesson and then tests you. But life tests you first which in turn teaches you a lesson”. You silently seek answers to unspoken questions knowing very well there are no answers and that the only choice is to succumb to life’s magical hands.

I shut my eyes tight, excluding myself from the deafening silence and prayed to that unseen force to give us the strength to sustain, survive and strive through all obstacles that life has in store for us and look at every impediment in the eye and say “Life truly is beautiful”.

I hope time, being the ultimate healer, would bring back the sunshine smile and impulsive laugh back to that spark in my life.


Hari said...

Moved...!!!!!!!!!! -- simply no words...u wont believe - i had goose bumps when i ws reading it....
more bcoz i can visualize ur thoughts..

Ranga, The Raja said...

Life is beautiful in its own ways!!! But it is so only in retrospect, when you replay the roller-coaster movie called "The Past" in the world's largest Hard Disc (or is it soft?) called Heart. And only when you fast forward the unpleasents and slow-motion the most pleasents!!!

The good old lady might have made a lot of difference in many people's life by her earth-shattering laughter. She might have taught many people to take things easy by looking at the +ve side of the matter. But is she doing so now? I only hope there is somebody out there teaching the old lady her own lesson.

I pray to the god and doc called life to heal the wound which can never be cured completely; to wipe the dirt which can never by cleaned completely. We will be there whenever she needs it to help her, but will she ever ask for it???

Life is beautiful, but beauty kills!!!

Lifzbeautiful said...


Lifzbeautiful said...


Curious said...

wonderfully written...u couldnt have chosen more appropriate words.

Gotta Be Max said...

It left me touched! I think that you managed to pen down your thoughts and emotions in a wonderful manner.
Appreciated the words that you placed on my post.
Although I did wonder as to how you ended up there! :)

Shekhar said...


Ships said...

All I can say is... Amen. :)
Your post was wonderfully woven... Those lachrymose words indeed moved me.

starry nights said...

It is so true that some of lifes hardest lessons cannot be taught you are just tested on it. I think some people just leave good footprints wherever they go. Beautiful post.

calvin said...

Dude u keep writing Ok ? I enjoy your writing . Three posts are enuf for me to make that statement :D

BlueByrd said...

First time here from Jo's

for some reason unbeknownst to me i clicked on this post and whoa ...i hit a blue note myself.

Since its been a month since wrote this post am hoping you've bounced right back :)

You write so well :)

You've gotta good head on ur shoulders am sure u've done much better....

Reminds me of Fran Healy's song...

Well I believe there’s someone watching over you
They’re watching every single thing you say
And when you die
They’ll set you down and take you through
You’ll realise one day
That the grass is always greener on the other side
The neighbour’s got a new car that you wanna drive
And when time is running out you wanna stay alive
We all live under the same sky
We all will live, we all will die
There is no wrong, there is no right
The circle only has one side
We all try hard to live our lives in harmony
For fear of falling swiftly overboard
But life is both a major and minor key
Just open up the chord
But the grass is always greener on the other side
The neighbour’s got a new car that you wanna drive
And when time is running out you wanna stay alive
We all live under the same sky
We all will live, we all will die
There is no wrong, there is no right
The circle only has one side :)


Ben said...

hey you have a real nice blog out there...really interesting to read...every bit of it...esp this gonna add you to my blog roll if you do not mind that is...

priya said...

That was beautifully written and as said life is always a test as we learn everything new each other day.