Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It was a sultry day and the scorching summer peeped through the trees trying to witness the event that was about to take place. The air was humid with the weight of each moment that passed. The trees rustled in the soft breeze whispering the anticipation in the air. In the shadow of their whispers on a wooden bench sat an old lady with her head held stubbornly high. Time had taught her undeniably that surrender to destiny was as honorable as resistance, especially if one had no choice. Time would put her through perhaps the most painful test a mother would have to face. Her calm demeanor cached the multeity of emotions within. She sat there, the tender grass at her feet, staring at the entrance of a grey imposing structure.. Waiting..

Behind the walls of the grey structure that marked a different world, behind the dark corridors that were stale with the stench of forgotten dreams, behind the iron bars that caged the despair of broken wings, he lay on the cold ground staring at the ceiling above him. Time had taught him to fight with the world for one’s existence no matter what the end. Time had made him immune to fear - even fear of death. He lay there feeling the cold seep into his bones, his heart beating in synchrony with each passing moment…. Waiting…

The sound of clink of metal broke him away from his reverie, as the supervisor of the prison opened the cell with food in his hands. He gulped the food and it went down his throat like little rocks. Later a doctor came to examine him. To check if he was healthy enough to die? He grinned at that thought.

…The breeze lifted the fallen leaves from near her feet. She took a silent walk through time, lost in the haze of memories. The images behind her closed eyes were entwined in darkness. The voices echoing in her ears were weaved in silence. The whispers knocked at the doorstep of her heart. She walked up the empty inner rooms of her memories calling out for the child that had been hers… The child that had clung onto her finger as he learned to walk… The child that slept against her bosom in blissful slumber… She had only herself to blame for the man he turned into. She may have loved him too much. She should have read the signs… The friends he hung out with… The long recurring trips until finally he vanished leaving her behind with a hole in her heart. She hadn’t heard from him until the arrest. “Aggravated murder and sentenced to death” the court had declared, not knowing how many lives would die with one. The leaves settled in some corner of the world.

In the other world, he waited till his time came. He had no remorse in life. He loathed the so called ‘law’ that thought it knew what is right for people. What does the ‘law’ know about the life in the streets? The law cannot feed people. The law cannot set one free. Initially he had felt trapped in the path he had chosen for himself. But later he was intoxicated by the money and the power it gave him. He felt as if he was empowered to rule the lives of people around him.

When the metal bars opened for the second time that day, he knew he was not coming back. The Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent and three guards stepped into his cell. One of the guards applied the restraints on him while the other two held him. Then the two guards held either of his arms and urged him out of the cell. He swung his arms away from their grip and said “I walked on my own in life. I can walk on my own to death.” So with one guard on either side, the other guard and officials behind him, he marched toward death.

At the execution room, the executioner was waiting for the convict to arrive. This was his first execution, not that he was looking forward for it. As the convict entered he felt a chill run through his spine. When the convict was taken past him to the scaffold, he looked straight into the executioner’s eyes, as if knowing he was the one destined to put his life to an end. The executioner saw the cruelty lurking in the corners of his eyes.

After the prisoner was made to stand near the scaffold, the death warrant was read aloud. The warders held the arm of the convict and mounted him over the scaffold, placing him directly under the beam to which rope was attached. The executioner, with professional indifference that he was trained at, strapped his legs tightly together, placed the black cap over his head and adjusted the rope tightly around his neck. To the executioner, the faceless figure standing at the scaffold seemed like any other man. He stepped down from the platform and everyone waited…

The arrow of time pierced the thin air. The pendulum swung solemnly, steadily. Time ticked by in the convict’s pulse, in his heart. His heartbeats raced with each tick of the clock. Everything around held its breath in anticipation of the next second. A sullen silence remained. For the first time he felt fear grip him slowly like a snake tightening around its prey. He felt his inner self writhing as if on a red-hot metal sheet. Just as the clock signaled it was time, as the executioner signaled the guards to withdraw from the scaffold, as he drew the bolt, as the rope tightened against the convict’s throat beneath the black cloth, as the ground he stood on gave away under him, just before he choked at his own weight, a loud cry escaped his lips that echoed within the walls of room, ringing hollowly in the minds of the people in it. That scream would haunt the executioner’s dreams for years to come.

At that moment time had stood still. Not a leaf rustled, not a soul stirred. Everything seemed to be frozen, captured in the ice of timelessness. Nature reflected the emptiness within a mother’s soul.

Later at the funeral house she waited to take her son back home with her. When his body was brought to her, she stood beside him and removed the white cloth that covered his face. Not a tear was shed… Not a sob escaped her lips… She stared at his face searching for her child, only to realize he wasn’t there.

She started her journey towards home with the corpse of her son; only she knew that she had reached the end of her long journey.


surajsharma said...

I'm new to the blogosphere, and, from what i've seen so far, it seems to me that blogging culture has spread like a wild forest fire especially among talented mumbaikars such as yourself, which is all very good, i really liked your story. keep up the good work.

Has to be me said...

ooohh...what a profound story....& heavy subject. Well written but leaves saddess in the heart.

Anonymous said...

dont know whether i should say nice, or i am sorry.

d4u said...

“I walked on my own in life. I can walk on my own to death”...beautifully said!! The pain has been captured by you beautifully in this post and yes indeed it was a long wait home....

Atlantean said...

Beautiful + Tragic.

Good writing. You've got talent... lots!

Kishley said...

my god!!! i am so taken by the intensity of this story.. dunno wat to write now.. indeed a very different story..

SUNMAY said...

....what was that ! i feel like i have been hit hard on the head! I am actually in a dilemma as to what to write here.. no words to express the richness in which you have captured the entire piece .. no words to describe how miserable i feel either.

Sreekumar said...

gripping...you handle tragedy pretty well too.
Nice Post

starry nights said...

Beautifully written, but sad, a mothers grief. I am really against the death penalty, I dont think we have the right to kill another even if it is justified.He can live the rest of his life in prison and feel remorse.but to execute,,I say no.

satish said...

it was a nice post!

the story is little predictable though, but that doesnt matter anyway if we get to read this nicely written stories.

and i know i sudnt be asking stupid question but y did the mother not see her child wen she looked at the corpse of the son. i mean it ok that he had been a criminal but still.. he was her son.

anyway, thankyou for a lovely post.

Advitiya said...

Excellent write-up...You have a great knack for descriptions... Its always a pleasure to read your blog...You move with your words...

Advitiya said...
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Prash said...

That was so touching...very nicely written. T.R.A.G.I.C.

I liked this post.

Ekta said...

*. Time had taught her undeniably that surrender to destiny was as honorable as resistance, especially if one had no choice*

U echoed my thots!!..Beautiful piece...sad but probably a reality today.

Kuan Gung said...

Great stuff...I need to look around here more...I love the images...you have a mighty pen there...thank you

Keshi said...

Rose u wrote that so well. I really had tears in my eyes and goosebumps all over my body as I read it. Cos u know Im a strong opponent of the death penalty. I say it's the most brutal act of so called law-abiding authorities.

**That scream would haunt the executioner’s dreams for years to come.

yeah I often wonder how he does it and then goes home and eat, sleep and live life. I really wonder!

Just imagine that fear in the prisoner's eyes...the feelings he may be going thru in that last min. It's just not even comprehensible! by us!

This post was very graphic and very well-written to make us all feel the mother's and the son's pain in the hands of a so-called law.


jac said...

A nicely woven.
Superb expressions.

Strictly for my friends said...

It was a beautiful story! The way you narrated it, parallel minds living ouit the last moments, it was great! you have a story teller's flair!

hope and love said...

hmmm... touching.. heavy stuff..

Anonymous said...

Oh my my!! That was something.

I have been a fan of u. Of ur dancing, singing and ever-ready smile. Now I am a fan of your writing.

Keep it up!

N keep wondering who I am ;)


the sunflower said...

Wow. there are so many beautiful lines here. its like a bouquet of flowers....

Ganja Turtle said...

Thank you for dropping by, Rose.

I liked "the arrow of time pierced the thin air"...I really do like it...and the moment where time stops is reminiscent of the axe descending on Mel Gibson in Braveheart...good one. Go girl!


You have written this with great intensity and precision and is really admirable...I felt like I was watching "The Green Mile"...Mi, you have an astounding tap on the emotions of the mother, the convict and in in general affair inside the prison...dont think I have read something written to this perfection.

mathew said...

hey.really fascinated by kind of emotions going through people who are sentenced to death.

Read somewhere that a man killed in a gullitone actually knows for a a split second that his head is no more part of his body..yuck!!!

Superb write!!!

Shitrint said...

excellent writing rose! u shud write a book...
keep it up!

Cold Coffee said...

awesome post.. i was intimidated by its sheer length but as i read on i was captivated.. i missed the punch at the ending though... was it because she 'refused' to see the murder her son became and was grieving for the sweet, innocent child that she had given birth to?

i'm sure plenty of thought has gone into the post or it wouldn't have been so intricated and so finely sketched!

Gr8 job and well told.. :)

tanvi said...

Excellent pos. U write too well dude. U gotta step up from blogging to serious fiction writing. Except when u write it seems its not fiction but reality and u actually experienced or observed it with your own eyes. Of course its not true ;) But so it seems. Its that convincing.

I love Munich said...

What an intense story!! I agree to starry nights - I'm as well against death penalty! I guess no human has the right to take away a life, regardless if justified or not ... sometimes though I wish to find sort of a "Gulag Archipelago" for them and NOT, like here, a prison with all kind of luxuries including the option to train for a job or even study and graduate!!
It still needs to be a punishment ... and as well feel like one!
GREAT story - excellently narrated!

richunderconstruction said...

really really touched.

ur style of writing totally takes one into the sphere.
keep writing,
u write real well, n feelings that strike real hard.
still mesmerised.

Arz000n said...

I can only enjoy blogs of people who write serious heavy stuff and I just wonder how do people come up with such things.
Seriousness in lfie is just not possible for me...forget about writing down something in blog.

Nice one Rose...especially this sentence...dunno why :)

The arrow of time pierced the thin air.


Ranga, The Raja said...

My favourite in this post -
"Everything around held its breath in anticipation of the next second"

But my favourite post is still Walk in the rain!!!

Ranga Mailed Me... said...

Hey, jus went thru ur blog

Everything around held its breath in anticipation of the next second – I liked that the most!!! Have posted my comment there…

Was just wondering whether you have started using more and more metaphors nowadays!!! Some of them are slightly taking me on a tourJ

Nice one!!!


starry nights said...

Rose..A little bird told me you are lonely. there are times I feel lonely too, like today. I am sending you a smile and a big hug from Across the miles.

Praveen Seelam said...

you've got the whole world around you Angel.. thats awesome hey

Sachin said...


A rose for u rose. Lovely works you have here in your blog.


anup.777 said...

Rose .... well written yaar! ... was really intense ... and sad ...

And the amazing thing is how u effortlessly move thru the serious as well as da 'not so serious' posts .... Gr8 talent yaar!!

I'd like to write something fun for a change, but am stuck in a melancholic rut! That's why I appreciate ur style even more ... :)

Anonymous said...

Yes. There is talent to be seen. But, has it occurred to you that there is no god?

Saroj said...

You are really talented. You write very well. Its nicely written, very touching

Gaurav Jain said...

What a touching story. What I found most profound was the fact that a single execution leaves several lives lost.

As always, your style of narration is unmatched and extremely engrossing. keep up the good writings!


Wanderer said...

"just before he choked at his own weight, a loud cry escaped his lips that echoed within the walls of room, ringing hollowly in the minds of the people in it."

Beautifuly scripted... dont take me for a saddist...
but the line means a world..

Life's love for life...
Repantance of a sinner...
Feelin of having deceived ur loved ones and yourself...
The fear of death...
Hunderds of thought, too little time to express it all,
A lound scream , not of physicall pain... but a from of expressing all that is going on in his mind...

Srijith Unni said...

Capital punishment is something truly strange. Man killing man in the name of law is not easily digested by many, but however justice has to prevail. The story is captivating by it`s theme, the mother`s wait for her son, the convict`s indifference to death, and the executioner going about his duty is all so beautifully highlighted.

Your stories are excellent and are really a worthy read.

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

endevourme said...

so touching it was...
here i am on vacation,
but urs is the only blog i couldnt resist to see.
keep writing goodie goodie posts...

nair said...

my first formal comment on ur post..really amazing baby....keep it up....

aqua said...

Sigh.. heavy hearted.. Nicely written! Those lines can be read in resonance with an old family flick.

Really good one!

kandykane said...

some people can be so damn lucky and not so lucky... life's like thAT PAL.

Aditi said...

Beautifully written, I liked how u juggled the different perspectives ... =)

Manic Street Preacher said...

aw.beautiful words...

Inder said...

hmmm... pretty heavy... nice one.

Ajay said...

oh God. Nice but disturbing
touches deep ... in the midst of that thing called as a soul ...
good write up

moonpunter said...

PHM is HERE!!!

samrina said...

Heart touching story!!

U really got skills to write:)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am trying to remember if I do know you. Do i?

- Vijay


Jeremy Ryan said...

Dear Rose

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Sometimes I feel like writing just because someone is reading :).

I must say that I love your blog. It's very touching and perhaps of the innocence that I have lost. Maybe that is why I find it so intriguing. I would love to add you to my blog list. Is that okay?

Mindinside said...

Thanx 4 visiting me:)

Rose said...

@ Suraj Sharma..

I gues we Mumbaikars are a crazy lot.. hehe..

@ Has to be Me..

So now its time to smmmmmilllleee.. ~teethy grin~

@ Country Fella..

Hmm.. U can say both.. :)

@ d4U..

Yes indeed..

@ Atlantean..




Rose said...

@ Kishley..

Its the most flattering thing when my work touches people.. :)

@ Sunmay..

Ya.. I knw.. There r no words to explain wat the people in the story went through..

@ Sreekumar..

Thank u.. Dark poetry is my forte..

@ Starry Nights..

I am against capital punishment as wel.. Its jst not humane.. But there r issues such as growing population in prisons, absense of a reform system.. and then there are the 'rarest of rare' cases as spelt by the law.. I gues in such cases capital punishment is ok.. But yes, it does not mitigate the horror in taking a person's life..

@ Advitiya..

Thanks for moving with my words.. :)

@ Prash..

Merci! Merci! :D

Rose said...

@ Ekta..

I belv in those lines very much too.. :)

@ Kaun Gung..

Hope Im able to sketch many more images with my mighty pen.. :)

@ Keshi..

Girl, u hv no clue how much each n every word u have written meant to me.. ~hugs n kisses~ :))))

@ Jac..

Ok.. So now can I get a perakka?? ;)) ~grin~

@ Strctly for Friendz..

Thats exactly what i wanted to portray.. After i wrote the story wasnt sure if i did justice to the gravity of the moments.. But the comments i got have eased the anxiety..

@ Hope n Love..

Thanks a ton ~ear-to-ear grin~ :)

Rose said...

Mr. A??

I knew, i knew u knew me... Sheesh! there are too many people i know whose name start with A.. Hmmm... ???

Rose said...


Wow! Thats a luvly way of putting it.. esp from a sunflower.. ;)

Ganja Turtle..

I luvd 'Brave Heart'.. didnt think of that scene while writing this piece though.. But yes, nw that u mentioned it, time did pierce the thin air when the axe descended on Mel Gibson..

@ Scribblez..

Im not sure if i got the activities that happen during an execution right.. It was based on wat iv heard and read abt how it happens.. Nonetheless the focus of the write-up was the emotions involved in such a happening, rather than the detailing of events.. Glad u liked it! :)

@ Mathew..

OMG! That is a horrendous thought..

@ Shitrint..

WOW! Those are the best words i v received.. ~luv ya~



ketki said...

i mean i was really moved!
grr88888 post!
but whats a news abt it?
keep writting!

anoop said...

beautifully crafted together...u write very well

anup.777 said...

Rose, so u dance, sing and are ever-smiling, eh? :)

... guess da monster will have 2 get in line to woo the beauty ... ;)

anup.777 said...

lolz ... Saturdays working? that's sad ... but I know da feeling as I've been working fom home Sat AND Sundays to tide over da backlog ... U hang in there yaar! :)

Dr O2 said...

wow! this was some strong meaningful piece!!! I was glued till the last sentence.

Great post Rose.

JamesBright said...

A very touching story..beautifully written. I would say you have a very unique style which I love so much..!

Rose said...

Satish & Cold Coffee..

Thanks for the encouraging words.. Cold Coffee.. U hv got it right.. In her mind she only had a picture of her son as an innocent child basking in the warmth of her love.. She refused to see the man he had becum.. Plus, she was looking at a corpse abandoned by her son's soul long before.. Her son was no longer trapped in that body..

I hope that made sense..



endevourme said...

some people are always there for us,
and we become so used to them,
that we dont even acknowledge them :-(

anuj said...

a sad story .. very well written.
quite gripping.

anup.777 said...

Break da silence Rose ... I miss u already ... ;)

Just a polished way of asking - "why aren't ya answering da comments? ... ya all 67 of them! ... hehe :)"

too much workload? tell da boss that u have a responsibility 2 ur blog buddies too .... i tried to tell that to my boss ... and here I am ... (updating my CV? ;)

Malika said...

Beautuful! I am touched by your words!
Keep writing.
(May I add your link to my blog.)


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

wow !

old theme , but the way u put it across was great esp the bit abt the scream lingering in the ears of the listener

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


c ya

Sujay Sukumar said...


Rose said...


OMG!!U flatter me too much.. Never thot abt stepping into writing although its very close to my heart.. My writing seeming kinda convincing may stem from the fact that i truly n strongly feel for what i write.. :)

I love Munich..

Oh.. U have stolen the thought out of my heart.. U r absolutely right.. The fundamental notion behind the existence of a legal system is the annihilation of crime as far as possible, NOT the annihilation of people, even if they r criminals.. Today the scenario is such that, a person once convicted and served his time, finds it impossible to get a decent job, thus forcing him to go back to scrupulous ways of existence, thus challenging the very purpose of a judiciary system. In my head i picture an ideal reform system were convicts are given psychological and medical attention, counseling and most importantly opportunity for jobs once they finish serving their term.. But as i said i gues al these are 'ideal' situations..

A lot of effort towards these reforms are happening on a greater scale in many western countries.. But for a so-called "third world" country like India, where employing its educated masses itself is a huge problem, who will be willing to employ convicts?? Another issue is the torture endured by inmates, both from officials and other inmates, which turn them into animals for life… But the scariest fact of all is the large proportion of sentenced convicts being actually innocent. In a country like US, statistics show the probability of the accused but innocent being convicted is as high as 20%. I cannot even fathom what the numbers wud be like in India…

I do not have any answers to the issues raised here. But what scares me most is that, given the resource and other constraints, there is practically no effort undertaken to address these issues in our country.


Rose said...

@ Ms. Richie..

Hey.. Come out of ur trance.. :D

@ Arzoon..

Well u shud listen to my ridiculous PJs to know exactly how serious I am.. ;)

@ Ranga the Raja..

Damn!!!! Now i have to outperfom myself.. hehe..

@ Starry Nites..

I accept ur smile n hugs with open arms.. But wich bird?? And y do u think im low?? Im as bright n merry as a child tasting his first lolly-pop.. :).. But thnks dear.. I knw now that there wud be a smile n hug waiting for me frm across the miles the nxt time im low.. Ummmmmmaahhh !!!

@ Praveen Seelam..

Awesome indeed.. :)

@ Sachin..

~blushhhhh~ ;)

@ Anup..

U r a melancholic rut!!! hehe.. :D



samrina said...

Well written, tragic story.

Thnx for stopping by my blog n ur words there, hope to c u around :)


Wanderer said...

Whos that Beauty on your Blog...
CUUUUUUUTTTTTEEEESSSST pic .... spent a long time just staring at it...

endevourme said...

me too felt the same
we are always there no?
so some people dont bother :-(

Arz000n said...

a long wait for new post too...it seeems :(

anup.777 said...

I think u meant melancholic NUT .. right? ... well, of late I'm just nuts about ya oh beautiful Rose ... ;)

Rose said...

@ Saroj..

Felt gr8 to knw that u were touched.. :)


Thats exactly it.. How a single incident can affect so many lives..

@ Wanderer..

"Hunderds of thoughts, too little time to express.. A lound scream , not of physicall pain... but a from of expressing all that is going on in his mind... " Those r exactly the emotions i wnted to convey.. Hey! u shud hv written this post.. ;)

@ Srijith Unni..

Thanku.. :)

@ EndevourMe.. 'The Plant Man'

Hmm.. That was so Chweeeeet !!! :D

@ Nair..

Hugs and Ummmas..

@ Aqua..

Thanks! But wich flick??

@ KandyKane..

Life IS like that..:)

@ Aditi..

Juggling diff perspectives, Diff emotions, diff notions.. I hope i dnt turn into a circus clown.. ;)).. Ok.. Bad Joke!! ~sheepish grin~

@ Manic Street Preacher & Inder..

Ur words meant a lot.. :)



Rose said...

@ Ajay..

Its always abt the soul isnt it.. :)

@ Moonpunter..

PHM.. Nice to hv u here..

@ Samrina..

Thanks dear.. U tk care too.. :)

@ Vijay..

Did i comment on ur blog? Not sure if i know u..

@ Jeremy..

Oh ya.. Comments mean a lot.. Sometimes u get the most unbiased and honest opinions from strangers.. U see innocence in my writing?? Hmm.. Thats a new thought.. :)

@ Mindinside..

The pleasure was aaaal mine..



Pritika Gupta said...

m speech less

Rose said...

@ Ketki..

Danku dear.. U made my day.. :)

@ Anoop..

Welcome to my world!! Hope to see more of you.. :)

@ Dr. O2.. ('The Hallucinating Psycho')

That comment coming frm you, a gr8 writer urself, meant a lot.. :D

@ James Bright..

I share the same liking for ur style of writing.. :)

@ Anuj..

Thanks a ton!! The comments frm u guys make me think i have given justice to such a serious issue atleast to a teeny extent..

@ Mallika..

Welcome dear.. Im honored that u want to add my blog to ur blog list.. :)

@ Deepa n Sujay..

Luv ya lots.. :DDD



Rose said...


I know.. Stumbled onto her/him quite some time ago.. Incredible isnt it??..

Hey grizzly.. Snap urself out of the reverie and presume ur work..



Rose said...

EndeavourMe n Anup..

Hey wats happening here.. U guys are building a lobby to conspire against me???

Edeavour.. Beware of Anup.. He's a monster in disguise.. He claims he is a poet and has the spell to turn anyone into a rhyme..




Rose said...

@ Arzoon..

Hmmm.. Call in the lull before the storm.. Call it the pause after a sentence that mean much more than words.. Call it the sigh after a long expression of emotions..

Ok.. im fooing around.. ;).

Will be back soon da.. Caught up with work..



Pramod said...

Ohh real nice one... reminded of our high school story wherein the guy to be executed turns out to be the executioner's son itself.

Bowing real hard to you fan following... oh man.. i'm sure it would hit a century :)

and yeah thanks for visiting my blog:)

Rose said...

Dear Anup.. The Malevolent Monster.. The melancholic nut in rut.. ;)

Phew!!! Iv replied to the comments.. All 80+ of them..

Ya i sing.. only in private.. as I dont want to scare off living creatures around me nor do i want to make the dead rise.. Now esp since im carrying a brutal cold and the nasal block bestowed by it, i sound like a innocuous dog in deep agony.. :D

Ya im a gud impersonator of drunkards.. Wonder why people call that dance??? ~grin~

And ya i smile.. coz iv no other job.. LOL.. ~ear-to-ear smile~

And errrrrr... Beauty??? Who beauty? Wat beauty? Wher beauty?

Ahem! Ahem!
Sorry to dissappoint you mone anupe.. But i dnt knw if FAAAAAAAAAT, DAAAAAAAARK, coir-like hair, n ferocious looks is ur definition of beauty.. Hehe.. ;)

P.S: - Thanks for the kind words on saturday.. made the day lighter..



endevourme said...

hi rose,
pls check this-
see post-to hell and back

no need to post this comment :-)

anup.777 said...

Dear Rose ...

Ya ... u have finally managed to pull it off! replying to 80+ comments is no small task ... :)

Sorry about ur cold yaar ... hope you get better real soon yaar!

I too sing amzaingly well ... just like u ... ask my office colleagues ... they were actually ready to pay me to ... stop ... ;)

But that's the latest dance move in all da clubs ... and I too can shake a leg ... or maybe two ... depending on how much space they lemme have on da dance floor hehe :)

and I too am always smiling ... even at my job ... it makes everyone wonder what I am up to ... and i love messing wid their heads ... ;)

O yes ... u r beautiful ... i can sense it ... ur posts just confirm what i feel ...

I'm sure u r just trying to drive me away ... but "Dil ko dekho chehra na dekho" ... is not the mantra of some heart specialist ... it is my belief as I've experienced it in life ...

So, all ur attempts at trying to shoo off this monster are in vain ... I think I'm falling for u dear Rose .... :)

gimme a chance na ... pleeeeaaaasssseeee ....

BTW, over and above so many similarities, ain't it amazing that we r both in da Finance field too? ... u r into budgeting ... and I'm into Equity Research ... :)

Arz000n said...

Wt wt wt happened???

Mind Curry said...

how about replying to a 92nd comment? :)

very beautiful and captivating..first time here..really impressed!

me :)

Kevin Burton said...

Incredible writing dear. You have immense talent i must say.


Digby said...

WOW! you have a lot of fans here. I agree with all of them (Yup. I read all the comments).

You are simply great.

Keep writing.

Renu said...

Lady! add me as one of ur fans. Hehe. great post!

Arz000n said...

you need to extend the width of the snap in order to cover that green patch at the right side.

In order to make that wordings visible, change the font color to dark blue / black...

What say??

endevourme said...

glad that even daaark, faaat....girl like u too found Mr anup777
tell me ur 'progress' haa?

anup.777 said...

ya Rose ... i also wanna know of da progress ... hehe ;)

ketki said...

when will the 'Long wait....'
be over?
eagerly waiting to read some new , awesome , interesting stuff on your blog!

ketki said...

when will the 'Long wait....'
be over?
eagerly waiting to read some new , awesome , interesting stuff on your blog!

SUNMAY said...

we fellow bloggers understand that a busy schedule awaits u ahead ... given all the wendderful (note the pronunciation) xchange of feelings we got to see here ...but that certainly does not mean that we keep hitting on ur blog just to see the same ol post with half a dozen comments added after the last visit ...(most of which ..ahem :P ) .. so puhleej write something ..ah something means something nice .. not heavy stuff like this .. kuch meetha ho jaye types :P

Anonymous said...

Very touching!!!
You r gifted.


Blue Athena said...

Very riveting, Rose!

Bravo! :)

nishu said...

that was one heavy story i bet. but chalo nice ....

anup.777 said...

cldn't help bud chugle ad som wof da recend commends, Rose ... :)

(was da pronunciation okie? ... hehe)

But yes ... kuch meetha ho jayee? :)

U have a gr8 weekend now ...

Ankit said...

i m in calcutta right now n aate saath hi i fell sick ..:(

anoop said...

waiting for yr next post...

BlueByrd said...

Paint me Blue !!

Am sad for the Mother !

Wish life came with a backspace button ..Sigh !

Keshi said...

Thanks Rose for the beautiful bday wishes in my blog! HUGGGGGGGZ!


endevourme said...

me too...

Anand said...

Oh damn!
Yet another story with a sad ending!
But I guess in this story there couldnt have been another ending!

Rose said...

@ Mind Curry..

My pleasure to reply to you.. ~Ummaah.. Phew~ That was a flying kiss by the way.. ;)

@ Kevin, Digby, Renu..

Welcome to my space.. And thanx a ton for the cho chweeeeet words.. :)



Saroj said...


Rose - Anup .... hey what is happening ;-)

Rosa kutty, Anup mon bhrantan ayee poi!!


its me said...

i know.. i know.. i sort of guessed it after seeing your pal bloggers..
Great style of writing is a huuuuuge understatement....WOW

jac said...

No post ?

starscream said...

nice story... not really touching but nice use of language!!!

Gulam Hasan said...

Awesome!!!simply awesome...I have no words for it....
i LOVED this post.....amazing.....
waitin for the next one :D

Gulam Hasan said...

Awesome....Simply Awesome!!!
I LOVED this post....Ireally like the way u write n yes someone suggested u shd start writing novels...send me w autograph on it :D

Has to be me said...

Hi whats up? No new post? How r u surviving in the mumbai rains? BTW, thanks fr the prayers fr my dad. The docs have ruled out cancer.

anup.777 said...

Yes Saroj, Anup mon is going crazy for u know who ... hehe :)

C'mon Rose ... update please ... :)

endevourme said...

looks like rosalina has quit bloging,
may gawd give her peace,
anyway in mumbai,
many people are swimming with fishes.

anup777(666 wud be better),
dear, ur story ended before begin'ing :-(

Anshuman Ghosh said...

hmm .. ah i dont wanna read such emotional stuff - but cant help it, its tempting :-D

finally ... i have http://.anshuman.info up and running :)

Gotta Be Max said...


Anil The Great said...

absolutely amazing...

a brilliant post.


anup.777 said...

Hey endevourme ,

u r right ... my story does seem 2 have met a premature end ... but miracles can happen ....

as for anup being 666 or 777, a 'Rose' by any other name would smell just as sweet (2 me) ... hehe :)

Shama & Diya said...

"She stared at his face searching for her child, only to realize he wasn’t there."

It almost bought me to tears. Very deep:(

endevourme said...

anup da,

"he(anup(777 or whatever)) stared at her blog searching for her , only to realize she wasn’t there."
brought tears to my eyes too...
i dont understand how mumbai people manage to burn buses on rainy days...sniff
petrol too is costly...sniff...sniff

Rose said...

Hmmm.. Why are people leaving msgs for the 'The Monster' in my blog..



endevourme said...

oh rosaline is alive! thank gawd!
i thought that that (one more 'that') monshter is only alive being here...
(aaieek! he is so cute na?)

y r nt ya posting? want some topics?take these-
'independence day in bahamas'
'national parks in columbia'
'100 easy recipes'
'emergency tips for floods' etc etc...

Dr O2 said...

you are a pro in long short stories which glue people to their seats! excellent

jac said...

I hope that you still shine with the Mumbai rains.

Hope that you are safe with the news of troubles there ?

passerby55 said...

hi there

knocked here after a longgg time!!

You have wonderfully penned down many emotions/feelings which left me and i put them here in your own words...:

"Everything seemed to be frozen, captured in the ice of timelessness"

Rose, though a rose grows among thorns but a Lotus in Marshy areas....

Your writings sumtimes brings the reader closer to a Lotus than a rose... (only a point of opinion)...*smile*

Anonymous said...


priya said...

You brought me close to tears.