Monday, July 10, 2006

TAP... TAP...

I thought today would have been like any other day. I woke up to the boisterous cacophony of crows, who had taken refuge from the pouring rain under the parapet of my window. They were creating an orchestra of discordant noises with the dedication and genius of Mozart himself. I gave them a quizzical look through my sleepy eyes and curled back into the solace of my warm blanket. Only moments later, or so it seemed, I was woken up by the urgent voice of my roommate “Get up! You are late.” I looked at the clock; it read 9:30. “Damn!” I swore to myself before jumping out of my bed. I went about with my daily rituals and dressed up with lightening speed and was out of my home at 10:00. Like every other day I caught a rickshaw to the local railway station.

As I made my way from the entrance of the station, with the rain beating down on my ridiculously pink umbrella above me, along the pathway towards the platform, I heard a recurring, sharp sound behind me, cutting through the humid air. “Tap… Tap… Tap…” It came in perfect rhythm. I turned to find a 30-something man looking straight ahead with his unseeing eyes. He was adeptly maneuvering himself amidst the crowd finding his way with the aid of his walking cane, each step of the way, tap by tap.

He held a black umbrella in one hand and his cane in the other, holding it in front of his waist and tapping in cadence from left to right as he walked, clearing his path ahead about 2 paces ahead and splashing water lightly in all directions from the puddles on the ground. His slender shoulders were erect, probably with a lifetime of fighting his way through every step of the way. All his senses were alert and his ears were grasping the minutest of all sounds and voices. He used all his sensory inputs to construct a picture of his surroundings before is mental eyes that would otherwise have been perceived visually.

Tap… Tap… Tap…

I walked on, with him a couple of feet behind me and the sporadic taps in the background as if making his presence known by gently tapping the very ground he is about to step on. I took the turning; but I suddenly stopped in my tracks as I wondered if he would know the road would turn. Oh yes. He turned along the turning of the road almost with the perfection with which a bee spots a honey-rich flower lured by the sweetness of its fragrance. I marveled at his ability to move through this crowded environment.

Tap… Tap… Tap…

I continued walking. I mounted the steps of the bridge that connected to the platform. I listened to the rhythm of the walking stick behind me. ‘Tap… Tap… Tap… Tap tap…’ The rhythm faltered. His cane must have discovered the first step. He climbed the stairs as his cane encountered each step. When he reached the level ground on top of the bridge his cane retained its original rhythm. I had not realized that my steps had begun to follow the same rhythm. We walked along the bridge and then down the stairs towards the platform, our steps in perfect synchrony.

When we nearly reached the end of the stairs an incredible thing happened. The taps seemed to have multiplied. I realized that the multiplicity of taps that seemed to fill the air came from somewhere ahead in the platform. As I walked ahead the sonance grew louder. What I saw touched and amused me all at once. In the section of the platform where the compartment for the handicapped would come, there stood a group of blind people. They had heard the taps that announced an approaching blind person; the taps which perhaps have grown to be more of an identity for them. All of them began to tap at the ground in unison with their walking canes to inform the approaching man of their presence and cheering him towards them. And all of them had this huge grin on their faces. It brought a smile on my face as well. The man made his way through the crowd to the group and started chatting with them as they waited for the train.

For quite some time, long after the train arrived and I pushed my way through the blatant crowd into the train, long after the train whizzed me past the slums that have mushroomed along Mumbai’s railway tracks, long after I stepped out of the train only to be swallowed by the dissonance of honking vehicles, shouting hawkers, and the murmuring rain, long after I entered my office to feel the cool air hit my face, the taps were with me; its echoes rebounding within the walls of my mind, as if trying to find its way to knock at the corners of my heart.

Imagine living a life in nothingness, where you cannot even see darkness, let alone light. Friends we have a lot to learn from these people – the art of independence, dignity and above all, the tenacity of the spirit to survive, surmise and strive above all handicaps.


neermathalam said...

I m touched

endevourme said...

oh my god! its so touching!
and guess what ? today i too did a post on blind people...
any telepathic connection?

Raza said...

okay, i get to be in the top 3 this time. Awesome and touching narration with just a 3 letter word "tap".

Keep going

Raza said...
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Raza said...
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Inkblot said...

beautifully written. came alive..
keep tapping :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

wow !

this was great .. as always ...

was this for real ?

Rose said...

@ Neermathalam..


@ EndevourMe..

U did??? Dats strange.. Hmm..? ;)

@ Raza..

Commoooon!!! U can do better than just being in the Top 3.. ~wink~

@ Inkblot..

Ok.. Tap.. Tap.. Tap.. :D

@ Deepa..

Every word of it..



mathew said...

yeah..nice post..It is sad that people with disability are seldom looked at the same prespective as we do with others..People often pity at them and thats what they hate the most..

Cocaine Jesus said...

makes you realise how lucky we are but also what a wonderful species man can be. not even blindness can prevent us doing what we do.
very moving post rose.

Dhanush said...

Nice One .. Thats Bombay for you ..Everyone lives there .. form the millionaire to the slum-dweller

praveen said...

Superb post! Its a really moving one...

Johnny said...

Made me thank God for the sight He has given me. Well penned.


This is really very touching. How humane the others were to tap in unison. Really beats me. Would nay of us with the ability to see, hear etc do tht...In all probability we may try and get the other person lost so tht we have more room or seating place for ourself..I have seen people do this so am stating it...

I had seen the movie Ray the past weekend and Ray was a blind famous musician who went around without a stick. He used his ears to locate or know where he was going and it was just superb

shweta said...

welll bind ppl dream nd in thr dreams they see colour as we see it visually in real life ...yeah its suffocating smetimes ...but then u start living with wat u hve than crib abt it ...
reminds me of hellen keller ...
"but my lips wld not utter the bitter words tht come to my mind for feign would i question HIS imperious decree"...
this is in the xtremely suffocating moments ..when she wanted to hear ..see and say ...
but resided to the fourth and fifth sensory organ ..."SMELL"...and "TOUCH"...!!!

Mr. J said...

That is truly amazing. The spirit to overcome all odds.

And hey, heard about some blast in one of the trains in Mumbai.. how're things??

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.
Means, I either find a way or I make one.


Inder said...

beautiful narration. worth a 'tap' on the back. :)

i think born-blind (or any other deficiency) people end up managing themselves pretty well... they are not aware of what they lack and they get used to it without much fuss. we can't smell like dogs, hear like cats, see like kites, fly like birds, swim like fishes, etc. we still manage because we are used to our shortcomings.

Ben said...

good one rose...and the baby in the template...aint he cute...

BlueByrd said...

Appreciate your comments on my blog :)

Am glad the verses from Psalm-91 refurbished your soul with divine strength !


BlueByrd said...

I absolutely love the way you write. The Good Lord sure has blessed you with a very good head on your shoulders !

Praise Him !

Shekhar said...

[Smiles] His perseverance against all odds should make us wonder who is the one who's blind? He, who doesn't have the gift of sight, and yet bravely carries on, or he who cribs and complains about the difficulties that he faces in his daily life.

starry nights said...

That was so touching.
I just heard about the bombings. I hope u are allright. my prayers and thoughts are with you all.

anup.777 said...

Beautiful work!

yes, despite the odds being stacked heavily against them, they go on ... step by step

endevourme said...

hey rose,
i have been worried about you,
are u alright?
take care da...
reply soon.

Keshi said...

deeply touched!

I had a similar post abt blind ppl...what a hard world it must be! And here we r killing each other in greed!


Rose said...

Hey guys..

For all of you who have expressed concerns abt my safety after the blasts.. Not to worry.. I AM ALIIIIIIVE !!!!

The blasts happened on Western line and I belong to Harbour line.. So it was far away from my area..

But cant help feeling immense grief for the innocent people who died and immense anger for the BASTARDS who did this..


Rose said...

@ Mathew..

U are absolutely right.. 'Pity' disgusts them to the core.. But most of us really donot know how to behave aroung a blind person (or any handicapped person for that matter) coz sumhow our lives are cut off from the existence of that segment of people.. But i guess to a certain extent it is inevitable coz they have to go to diff schools wher they get specialised attention and they dont socialise like we do.. But wats sad is oppurtunity for jobs for such people are miniscule.. And thats the one thing that earns them their independence..

@ Cocaine God..

Oh.. We are a wonderful species indeed ! :)

@ Dhanush..

Hmm.. Mumbai is the very heart of India that way..

@ Praveen..

Thank you very much.. :)

@ Johnny.. The Surgeon.. ??? ;)

Me and You have a lot to thank God for. dnt we? :)

@ Scribblez..

The most incredible thing was that they were doing it so matter-of-factly.. Do ppl actually do that??? Thats horrible !!

Blind ppl literally survive on their ears.. They hear a lot of things which even we dont.. Rem in the movie 'Ray' when he is sitting in the restaurant with his gonna-be-wife and he hears the fluttering of a birds wings near the window..



Rose said...

@ Shweta..

That was amazing.. Its only circumstances such as this that force an individual to live life with every fibre of his being..

@ Me..

So wat are u doing these days? Finding a way or making one?.. Btw.. for wat??.. ;)

@ Inder..

Hmmm.. Our souls are made of some incredible fibre.. :)

@ Ben..

Gooo gaga kuppooo gaabooguuu.. ~The baby says thaaaaaaaaanks~.. :D



Rose said...

@ BlueByrd..


@ Shekhar..

Realy.. wonder who is blind after all..

@ Starry Nights..

Thanks a lot dear for ur concern.. Me doing fine.. Just a li'l shaken.. :) Muuuah.. Phew.. (that was a flying kiss).. ;)

@ Anup.777 (Errr.. or is it 666).. ;)

Step by step.. Tap by tap.. :)

@ Keshi..

I dont understand why there is so much hatred in this world..



passerby55 said...

Tap… Tap… Tap

A wonderful post, and a spiritful begining to a bright morning...

You only lose energy when life becomes dull in your mind. Coming to grip with the reality has the potential for changing every aspect of our lives...I guess this is what needs to be understood by many of us who are perfect with all our senses.

TOUCH is The most important of all even to a BLIND, DEAF AND DUMB.

this post has the sensation of TOUCH to it!

Pritika Gupta said...

oh too good!! touching!!

Has to be me said...

Firstly Im so glad 2 note that u r fine.
This post was so touching & it is indeed something v all need to learn from them.
Infact in my office our telephone receptionist is also blind but like said she is independent & tries her level best to do things on her own as much as possible.
Loved this post!

lash said...

you will not believe this. only 5 mins ago i had gone out to the street to buy a cig and nearly knocked a blind lady down. i mean it was nobody's fault and she took my apology with a gentle smile... i was feeling so bad abt it and now when i come here and read your post its again abt the blind! I am seriously surprised at this cooincidence and dont know what exactly i should feel abt all this.

i should also mention that this was one of the best post i have read in a long time. No its not the state of mind that i am in, its a genuine remark. This is a brilliant post and very well written.

Also thanks for that zidane support :)

d4u said...

Its well-written and touching! A clap for this tap...i guess theres light at the end of every dark tunnel in some form or the other.

Sreekumar said...

I think these ppl teach us that courage can be shown in many ways.

A poet had said "I was sad that I had no shoes, till I saw a man who had no legs"
Nice Post


Hey Hope u r fine! Just read your post and it had the railway station in plethora.

Aditi said...

Extremely well written.. i could nearly hear the tap tap in my own head.. loved the part about the welcoming taps at the other end

Neers said...

quite a write up and very touching! you do write well... cool!

Ethan said...

Well expressed rose, i could feel being on the train station and the man following me .
You write very maturely.
Nice blog you have. Thanks for visitng mine..

jac said...

Tap tap ....

rose ! It is touchy and beautiful.

Are you ok in Bombay

Rose said...

@ Passerby..

Every moment cud be a moment of enlightenment capable of changing our lives forever.. Thanks for passing by.. :)))

@ Pritika..


@ Had to be Me..

WOW!! Thats actually gr8.. Many more organisations shud employ handicapped people.. In fact i think we shud have reservations for that.. :)

@ Lash..

Oh! Its ok.. wasnt ur fault.. :) And thanks a ton for the sweet words..

@ D4U..

And a tap for the clap.. :D

@ Sreekumar..

I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. So I said, “Got any shoes you’re not using?”
-Steven Wright



Rose said...

@ Scribblez..

alive and kick'n.. But outraged about what transpired..

@ Aditi..

Keep tapping. ~smiles~

@ Neers..

Danku! Danku! ;)

@ Jac..


Perfectly fine, yet not quite so.. :)


Anonymous said...

Good to know that you are ok. Tried calling you.


Sachin said...

The taps seem to be echoing in my mind as well.

Anand said...

That was a beautiful post!!
Its people like them to teach us to appreciate all that god has given us!

Anand said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

@ Mr. A..

U did???

@ Sachin..


@ Anand..

U bet..

@ Comment deleted..

Dnt knw how dat happened.. ~bewildered look~



Dr O2 said...

yeah disability is unimaginable yet people cope with it trying hard. We can learn many things from what we fail to see with our healthy eyes.

samuru999 said...

Oh my gosh!
So very touching!
You made me cry!
So beautiful!
Thanks so much for sharing that.

Sreekumar said...

You got me there, thanks to steven wright

satish said...

great visual effects!


i first thot tht i sudnt be posting this comment as practically everythings been said and done (hopefully) in previous 48 posts.

but then knowing that a century is destined to be scored, i had to make my not so significant contribution.


write more often yaar!

take care!

arvindh said...

Wanted to mail you to ask how you were doing in view of the recent blasts. Hope you and your loved ones are safe. Take care.

Keshi said...

me neither...why do ppl kill each other like wild beasts? whats wrong with ppl!


Kuan Gung said...

Wonderful post...great have quite a nice pen there and a great moral in closing...thank you

mathew said...

Hope things are fine after the blasts!!!..

Rose said...

@ Dr 02..

We take for granted and are blind to a lot of things.. Btw.. Wat does 02 stand for???

@ Samuru..

The pleasure was aaaaaaaal mine.. :)

@ Sreekumar..


@ Satish..

Er.... 51 actually.. :D

You know very well that ur comment is not 'not-so-significant'.. :) Every comment means a lot to me.. In fact the later it comes the more excited I am abt it.. As it signifies how many ppl cared to stop by..


~Im writing this with a HUGE grin on my face~


Rose said...


I am fine.. My parents are snug and safe in God's Own Country.. The incident appalled me.. But now I am carrying 'Come What May' attitude.. Coz there are a million things we cannot control or predict.. :)

@ Keshi..

Beats me Keshi.. There is not a notion in this world that could justify such an act..

@ Kuan Gung..

Thank YOU !!!.. You made my day.. :))))

@ Mathew..

I was safe by the grace of God!

I am quivering with rage for what transpired.. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost their luvd ones.. I wish all the people who are injured wud get well soon.. I dont know wat to say to the families who donot know abt the whereabouts of their luvd ones till now..

And I wish whoever did this will rot in hell !! I cant fathom any notion that justifies such an act..

Mathai.. Namakka avarkke bomb vaikkaam?? Wat say ya? :)


JeZzie Goh said...

WOW! That was touching. This is my first time here. Will drop by more often.

Keep up the great work lady.

pheron said...

I have a close friend who is blind since birth. He is an amazing guy. Glad to know that there are people around who are not insensitive to others.

Skyroman said...

Just dropped by. I can see that yours is one of the most popular blogs around

And 59 comments for this and over 125 for the previous post???? PHEW! I am swept off my feet.

Dave said...

Rose... There could not have been a different name.

"a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

Sue said...

Great post Rose. Ypu should write more often

Rose said...

@ Jezzie Goh..

Welcome to my space.. Hope to see ya more often.. Muuuah! :D

@ Pheron..

Glad to know that he cud find a true friend in you.. :)

@ Skyroman..

Haha.. :D Thanks a ton..

@ Dave..


@ Sue..

Thanks sue.. Do drop by sometime..



Ekta said...

U sure know how to touch peopls hearts with ur words!
Lovely post dear!

Anonymous said...

what can i say? i try my best not to notice things like this, think i am the only one with troubles in this life.
jus beautiful.
u dint make up this story, this was a true story, right?

manish said...

Truly,a touching post :-) By the way,the pic on your profile is very cute !!

Rose said...

@ Ekta..

Coz its only words.. And words are all I have.. To take ur heart away.. ;)

@ Country Fella..

Nope.. Every word of it happened.. even the part were my foot steps synchronised with the taps of his cane without even me realising it.. :)

@ Manish..




Prmod Bafna said...

I'm glad i came by here cos that is an absolutely beautiful weave of words! lovely and lively write! :)

Hazel Dream said...

I have learned to live with my humanity although I have divinity in my soul and wings of angel in my heart.

samrina said...

Such a heart touching post sis...

Hope u doing fine there.

Oh by the way u r blogrolled:)


Ajay said...

another amazing post.
u shud think of writing a book
mayb d next j k rowling?:)
so u do like ice creams? huh?:)))

Rose said...

@ Pramod Bafna..

Im glad u came too.. :)

@ Hazel Dream..

May you live with the heart-throbs of humanity till eternity..

@ Samira..

Thaaaaaaaaaanks !!! Its a gr8 feeling when im checking out another blog and find my blog among the links.. :D

@ Ajay..

Are u kidding??? I can live on ice creams.. ;)


mathew said...

Ofcoz Rosamma edethi..hehehe..

The rockets we have at palli perunal is enuf to blow em up!!

ketki said...

post ekdum mast hai!!!!!!!!!
bole to ekdum touching!!!!!!!!!
really i have no words to appreciate!!!!!!

Rose said...

@ Mathaicha.. ;)

We'll add the padakams of thrissur pooram also..

@ Ketki..

Tumhara comment padke apun ko accha laga.. bole tho.. ek dam JAKAAS!!! :D


Handful Of Hell said...

The anecdote was moving and the english, flawless. Much enjoyed.

Pavan said...

beautiful stufff !!
wonderfully choreographed way of putting thoughts across!, I'm gonna be a regular here, i think!

jay menon said...

well written and really touching, like the way u expressed it, nice to see another aquarian writing so well....good work

anup.777 said...

hey Rose, u've got m@il ...


hehe ... two can play that game .. :)

Maya Cassis said...

wow!you have captured beauty in the darkness and yet given me a smile

Jetru said...

You're one of the best writers I've met on the blogging world. Remarkable stuff.

Goes to show how much a human being is capable of.

Dreamy Eyed Gal said...

This post is so very touching...

Dreamy Eyed Gal said...

thnx for droppin by my blog btw

Ankit said...

god level post

deepsat said...

wow!! thats beautifully written!!! very touching too!!! good post!! ;-)

Ghost Particle said...

superb naration! your writings. They say, the blind have extra sensory to guide them in this world, so in essense, no one is helpless and lost.

Rose said...

@ Handful of Hell..

Glad that even the 'Devil' enjoyed it.. ;)))

@ Pavan..

Geee.. Daaaanks!!! ~Blushhhhh~ :)

@ Jay Menon..

We aquarians are a class apart, arent we?? ~wink~



Rose said...

@ Monster Poet..


*blink* *blink*

~innocent wide-eyed expression~



Rose said...

@ Maya..


@ Jetru..

U flatter me in every one of ur comments.. :)

@ Dreamy eyed Gal..

Welcome to the world of another dreamy-eyed gal.. ;)

@ Ankit..

Not sure wat exactly that meant.. But sounded nice.. :)

@ Deepsat..

Thanku Thanku...

@ Ghost Particle..


Everybody run for ur life.. The GHOST (you-know-who) is here...

Haha.. :D

Oh yes..

No one is helpless and lost..

No one is helpless and lost..

No one is helpless and lost..



Fisher73 said...

Hi Rose,

I am here for the first time. You seem to have a great heart beneath that intellectual persona. Would like to know more about you.


Shewolf said...

Thats a great pice of work dude!!!

Nasser Babaee said...


I am a student of english literature from Iran. Your blog was highly recommended. I also loved it. Please visit me some time.

Fox_20 said...

A rose is a rose is a rose.


Sharon said...

Rose.. U rock Man!!! And 90 comments??? Mind-boggling!!!

Keep up the great work.

Christoffer Wallin said...

I had been a silent reader of your blog and "I cant help falling in looove wiiiiith yoooou"




SH8KESPEARE here. SH8KESPEARE loved this blog. SH8KESPEARE is gonna write about a rose in his next master piece. :)

Emily said...

Hi dear.

We often cast a blind eye tot he world outside ours. We do not take time to watch and care for people around us.

It shows you have a great heart that you actually stopped in your tracks to see if he was ok. Wish there were more poeple like you.

Take Care


Shannon said...

Great writing indeed!

Kelly said...

Hmmm. The almost 100 comments does speak for it self. Great blog you have here.

Drowning In Thoughts said...

Very touching!

Elisabeth Reis said...

Its incredible man's ability to survive.

shuresh kumar said...

WOW! 100 comment!! I am stunned!

I am not sure if so many people even visited by blog.

Rose said...

@ Fisher73..

Welcome! Welcome! To know more abt me.. Hmmm.. Keep coming here.. This blog is an expression of myself.. :)

@ SheWolf..

Thanks Buddy!! :D

@ Nasser Babaee

Wud Luv to visit you.. :)

@ Fox_20.

A rose is a rose is a rose is JUST a rose.. :)

@ Sharon..


@ Christoffer Wallin..

Wise men say.. Only fools rush in.. ;)



Rose said...


Rose is honored to hv SH8KESPEARE here.. and to be part of SH8KESPEARE's master piece.. lol.. :D

@ Emily..

We really donot have time to stand and stare.. We are too busy rushing towards 'No where'..

@ Shannon, Kelly, Drowning in Thots..

Thanks for the sweet words..

@ Elisabeth Reis..

Its incredible indeed!

@ Shuresh Kumar..




Malika said...

I wish the society could do more so that all public and private spaces would be accesible to handicaped people.
I like your pen... It's very visual and brings alive the sentiments as if one was present in the story.

Rose said...

Hey Malika..

Gr8 to have you here.. U are rite.. More importantly, work places shud be opened up to accomodate more handicapped people..


Hari said...

Nice one

Rose said...

Hari.. The Man of Few Words..

Considering you are YOU.. I know how much meaning those two words carry..



bubbly soda said...

hey rose! thanks for commenting on my bloggy. tow reason to thank you, one is for visiting my bloggy and another is to lead me to your blog. Like the way you wrote this. And yes, we all should learn from the physically disabled instead of taunting them and poking fun at them. They are the real heroes. May God BLess them all, and not forgetting you. hehehe

White Forest said...

TAP... TAP... ...

this is wat i do most of the time everyday...ask my customers to tap tap f10 on keyboard! :P

nomadic_waves said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...wonder how u managed to stumble upon it coz i've been away from the blogging scene for quite sometime & only a select few,who have been visiting me regularly for over a yr...come by & leave behind comments.

nomadic_waves said...

Whoa!u were almost on ur knees,pleading me to continue writing...i think i will,though not as regularly as i used to,earlier.

Why was i away from the blogging scene?
Well,i lost my love...

its as simple as that...

Rose said...

@ Bubbly Soda..

It was my pleasure to be at ur bloggie.. And you are most welcome.. :))

@ White Forest..

~laughs~ Keep Tapping... :D

@ Nomadic Waves

I guess i got here thru some other blog (not sure wich one)... But why are u away from the blogging scene..???

I may be new here.. But a couple of posts were enuf to establish that u r an incredible writer.. Dont deprive us of experiencing ur art..


(Im on my knees begging)



Dr O2 said...

:-) as a fan of your vivid, glamourous pieces I would like to say "Sweet Hallucinations of a psycho" will be glad to exchange links with "I Me Myself".

hope and love said...

wow..!! simply superb..!!

Rose said...

@ Psycho Dr...

'I Me Myself' has agreed to exchange links with the 'Sweet Psychic Hallucinator' coz the pppleazure iz aaaaall 'Moi'ne.. ;)

"fan of your vivid, glamourous pieces".. Well the opinion is deeply reciprocated.. Me a fan of the game u play with words..



Rose said...

@ Hope n Luv..




aqua said...

#118: No words... U have truly depicted the deeds and expressions of the blind person.

yetanother.softwarejunk said...

Adding one more to the pool of comments.

"I had not realized that my steps had begun to follow the same rhythm. " ; nicely explained. and I am touched

Rams said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by. Wassup? I moved to Florida (US) recently...little busy with settling down here...and not getting the time to blog :(

nair said...

hey,excellent post..really brilliant..:))

nair said...

hey, excellent post...really brilliant...

Rose said...

@ Aqua..

As a response to ur comment, I cud only bow my head and mumble softly "Thank You".. :)

@ Software Junkie..

Thanks for logging onto this blog.. Do cum by some time.. :)

@ Rams..

Ow! Thats gr8 news.. Take care.. And looking forward to seeing updates on ur blog.. :)

@ Naire..



Gaurav Jain said...

as always, awsome writing...

khadli said...

brilliant!! you have a very nice style which kept me gripped as to what was coming on... very cliff hanger type! and the part where all the visually challenged folks smile and greet the person in question... wow! really touhed me!

satish said...


~i am writing this with a huge grin too~


Rose said...

@ Gaurav Jain..

Thanks buddy!

@ Khadli..

Hey.. U better come off the cliff atleast now.. ;)

@ Satish..

Me grinning right back at you..



Shakhi said...

It is beautiful beyond words!

GuNs said...

Things like these never cease to amaze me. We could learn a few lessons in resilience from people like these. Resilience is something that we lack. It is what makes the difference between champions and commonmen !

Do visit my blog again !


starscream said...

Great Post !! A lot of empathy is evident and very touching !!