Saturday, August 05, 2006


~When I was home a few months back I was going through the junk in my room. I came across this poem that I had written when I was about 12~

When I was a child, so meek and mild,
I sat on my mother’s lap, looking at her face.
I clung to every word she said,
Cherishing her tender gaze.

She told me about everything, sun, moon, breeze,
Even about the birds that sang on every tree,
But she always reminded me of one thing,
She always wanted me to love that one thing.

She said, “Reach out for the rainbow,
Seeming so far yet so near.
In every step of your way, to the rainbow you should go.
Never fear that, because God is always there.

When the clouds are black, there is thunder
When problems arise, your steps may falter.
But after the storm, after the rain, there is rainbow,
So don’t stop your journey, to the rainbow you should go.

Through all your burdens, through all your pain
The sun may seem covered by the clouds
There may be no way for you to go through
But remember there’ll be a rainbow, shining just for you.

And there is a pot of gold
At the end of every rainbow
The legend may be true or old
But to get what you want, reach out for the rainbow

It is a bridge between heaven and earth
Between dreams and real life
It reminds you that love is not to be held, but given
You should be strong, so to the rainbow you should go.

It is the symbol of peace, a symbol of hope
It says you’ll always be able to rely on God
When with your problems, you want to cope
It tells you not to look at the problem on which you have to trod.

A rainbow is a thing of beauty, a joy forever
It reminds you of a river
Which keeps flowing till its destination
Overpowering all obstacles without hesitation

Even when my mother lay in the hospital
She was in great pain
Still she did not show it on her face
And outside it began to rain

She said, “The clouds are heavy,
The night is dark and dreary,
But when the rainbow comes there will be light.
So reach for the rainbow, through the way that is right.

She lifted her hand to my face, so mild and meek.
She breathed a deep sigh,
Her hand fell from my cheek
She went with a silent goodbye.

My mother’s words still rang in my ears,
They drive away all my fears.
“Reach for the rainbow, so far away yet so near,
It is your aim, the sky is your limit.”

“To the rainbow you should go, where there is light.
To the rainbow you must go, through the way that is right.
To the rainbow so beautiful, to the rainbow so bright.”

~Although now when I read it I find the poem a li'l lousy :), I was amazed that even at that age my writings were very dark... Its been ages since I have written a poem.~

I need to add this as I think my poem may have been a li'l misleading.. The poem is purely fictional. My mother is alive and kicking. Although she did suffer from a fatal stroke when I was 11. Not sure if this poem stemmed out of the experience of almost loosing my mother.. not sure..


Dr O2 said...

AT 12!!! I was watching cartoons!!!

Sreekumar said...

Thats an amazing poem. Hard to believe that you wrote it back when you were so little. Wish I could write something like that now.
The best line for me is this one.

"To the rainbow you must go, through the way that is right"

And tis to the rainbow that u should go.

samuru999 said...

That was very beautiful!
And you wrote it when you were 12....amazing!
Very touching!

samuru999 said...

That was very beautiful!
And you wrote it when you were 12....amazing!
Very touching!

Maya Cassis said...

Man!It's amazing how grown up you were at that tender age to be able to write like that.I was probably scribbling about the sun and the moon at that time and for a while longer too :)
I am glad you posted this in here and let us into a 12 year old's thoughts.
Enjoy the weekend:)

Anonymous said...

am i gonna be the first one??


Gulam Hasan said...

me first :D
lemme read it now

Pranay said...

Hey I am the first one!!
Well I think you must be older than 12 re it's pretty good. How could anyone write so much at 12. Poems at that time are are usually about some stupid thing like a birthday or a close friend or something.
And hey congrats for reaching 10000 you deserve it.

Gulam Hasan said...

Awesome for a 12 yr old....I am 22 n i cant still write like tht :(

I love Munich said...

It begins optimistic .. and turns so sad!
I am amazed that you were able to write poems at the tender age of TWELVE!! GREAT job ... WOW - I'm impressed!!

starry nights said...

Me first..Rose this is such a beautiful poem and at such a young age. you remind me of my own daughter.You write so beautiful. you should write some more poems. "When the clouds are black, there is thunder
When problems arise, your steps my falter.
But after the storm, after the rain, there is rainbow,
So don’t stop your journey, to the rainbow you should go." I love these lines.

jac said...

I am sorry about your Mom.
She must be reading it now, as I do.

Shows that you can write. Though the poem is old, it is full of meanings.

“Reach out for the rainbow,
Seeming so far yet so near.
In every step of your way, to the rainbow you should go.
Never fear that, because God is always there"

I liked those.

faith said...

nice *smiles*

Binu "the mallu" Ninan said...

hehe.. thanks...

poem at 12?? i cudnt memorize nursery rhymes then!!

nice job.. although frankly.. i never have and never will understand poetry...

Wanderer said...

Undeniable Dark you are indeed....;)

kd said...

I am the first!.. Talking about darkness.. I see what you meant when you came to my blog. Hmm.. The poem reminds me of the monsoon cloud.. grey skies.. Very very interesting. Have you become darker now?

kd said...

I read the rest of your posts on this page.. awesome.. just awesome..

Shekhar said...

:)) Really beautiful. And I pray that you start writing poems again.

Shitrint said...

its a very beautiful poem rose!!
its commendable you wrote this at the age of 12...u shud take to writing poems again!
like always, i got the same thing to say-"u write very well!"

starscream said...

Inspiring... And as you mentioned dark or even melachnoly...

But of high quality for somebody aged 12 !!!

d4u said...

That was really very nice:) Guess u should start writing poems again:)

anup.777 said...

u wrote this one @ 12? ... really nice ... u shld try writing one now ... wldn't it be interesting?

as u said ... reach for the rainbow .... :)

BlueByrd said...

Pretty poetic and flashy for a 12-yr-old !...Interestingly i have a post on the Rainbow today it coincidence or whatever might wanna come have a look....

I could'nt spell my name backwards at 21 !! Forget writin poems lol !!!

You wrote Awesome back then...u do now...and u will into the future...You sure are blessed ! Amen !

endevourme said...

yahooooo.......! me first!
ocean of dreamz ha?
u can never reach rainbow, the farther u go, the farther it goes...
btw, u were so good at the age of 12!
now what a mess!

neermathalam said...

this is lousy....i find it soooo beautiful..
hav yu gone mad...!!!!
this is the age when you dont have cliched usages...
and that is wat make it so fresh..

She lifted her hand to my face, so mild and meek.
She breathed a deep sigh,
Her hand fell from my cheek
She went with a silent goodbye.

My mother’s words still rang in my ears,
They drive away all my fears.
“Reach for the rainbow, so far away yet so near,
It is your aim, the sky is your limit.”

pain and motivation beautifully interwoven.
only flaw that i can point out is the lenght of the is not short and crisp..
but for 12 yr old it is a wonderful piece of writting..
And please do write poems..
and i m proud to be 1st comment poster:)

mathew said...

Considering u were just 12 when u wrote this, finding it amazing that this poem is well rhymed!!
loved the last 3 lines!!

Srijith Unni said...

Amazing.. in a child`s innocent world, where there lies just the awe and fascination for the colour and splendour of the rainbow, your mind has been able to entwine it with life, philosophy and reality in a very thought-provoking and poignant manner..

Indeed a great poem.

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

its me said...

no way.. at 12 thats a very very good poem..
hmmm... and i am FIRST YAAAAYYY

Alexis Leon said...

Nice poem. Even without the knowledge of rules, I was able to enjoy it :-) And written at 12. Amazing stuff...Why did you stop writing.

Is it 'may' falter or is it 'my'.

Why you say it your writing were dark? Follow your mom's advice--Reach for the rainbow.

Saroj said...

Dear Rose, whatever you write its wonderful :)

Ranga, The Raja said...

there is always another side to things
that you should try to reach by opening up your wings
i found out your darker side
and it is brighter than your straight

wah!!! wah!!! what a try!!!


Hey thhis is a touching poem as it really speaks from within...As you say it seems like some arena after your moms stroke made u write wht u did....At age 12, this is awesome!

Velu Nair said...

Poignant Lines, Rose!
The flair that u hv gt, is way too evident!

abhinav said...

hi i write poems too.
read ur poems accidentally but found them really good.i'd really like u to read ma poems at:- 1.)
thx bye abhi

Rose said...

@ Dr 02..

Oh, I did a lot of that too.. and still do.. ;)

@ Sreekumar..

I was surprised myself when I read the poem after so many years..

@ Samuru999..

Thank u dear(s).. :)

@ Maya..

Actually as a child people used to tell me that I was very matured for my age.. But I guess I have been growing backwards mentally as years pass by.. Now people around me laugh at how much a li'l kid I am sumtimes.. :D

@ Satish..

U are actually.. U have been visiting my blog for quite some time now.. Why dont u start a blog of ur own and simply start jotting down watever cums to ur mind? Its fun, belv me.. :)


Rose said...

@ Pranay..

I used to write such sad and pessimistic stories and poems.. Makes me wonder wat I was made up of when I was a kid.. ~laughs~

@ Gulam Hasan..

U are kidding me.. Of crs u write well.. ~smiles~

@ I love Munich..

Thanks dear.. Its great to have u here as always.. :)

@ Starry Eyes.. :)

U wudnt belv me.. When I read this poem after so many years, it reminded me of Maya's poems as well.. Its incredible the way children can think sometimes..

@ Kurumban Jac.. :)

~laughs~ My Mom is perfectly fine.. The poem was fictional.. I had to add the last sentences on my post after reading ur comment.. Sorry to have mislead.. Hey, I luved the fact that diff people liked diff lines in my poem.. :)


Rose said...

@ Faith..

~smiling right back at you~

@ Binu.. The incorrigible Mallu.. ;)

Haha.. I have a friend just like you.. She appears totally clueless while reading a peom.. :)

@ Wanderer..

Thendiiiiiiiiii!!!! :D :D :D

@ Kd..

Have I grown darker??? Hmmm.. ? Yup.. Both metaphorically and literally.. ~wink~

@ Shekar..

Hmm.. I think I shud think of writing one..


Rose said...

@ Shitrint..

Thanks buddy!! ~me sending you a flying kiss wrapped in a whipser~ :)

@ Starscream..

Im sure I meant it to be inspiring then.. :)))

@ D4U..

Guess I shud.. Thanks! I needed that nudge.. :)

@ Anup..

Not sure if it wud be interesting.. But I will try.. :)

@ Bluebyrd..

D-R-Y-B-E-U-L-B.. Yippppe!!!! I can spell ur name backwards.. :D

Gulp! I think my work is taking a toll on me.. ;)))

@ Endevourme..

Hahaha.... I know.. But hearing it from you was not pleasant.. Grrrrr..!!!


Rose said...

@ Neermathalam..

Hey! Those are the very same words I luved in the poem.. And yes.. I still have the same drawback in my writing.. I tend to get a li'l too descriptive and lengthy in my writings that makes the reader wana doze off.. :D

@ Mathew..

Ya.. Nice that u noticed that.. In fact while I was reading it I felt I was desperately trying to rhyme.. :)

@ Srijith Unni..

Aa vakkukalke nanni.. :)

@ Its me..

Hi Cutie pie.. How u doing? Tc.. Ummmmmah!!

@ Alexis..

Thanks for pointing out that mistake.. Got it corrected.. :)

Hmm.. Whenever I sit to write a poem I end up writing a short story.. I guess I am not very gud at portraying things in just a few words.. I guess I need to rediscover the poet in myself.. ;)))


Rose said...

@ Saroj..

WOW! So sweet of you to say that Saroj.. Thank You.. :)

@ Ranga..

V Funny.. :)))

@ Scribblez..

Not sure if it was that incident that led me to write it.. But I always used to write such saaaaaad stuff.. :)

@ Velu Nair..

I can see exactly one half of you.. ;)))

Thank you Nairji.. ;)

@ Abhinav..

Wud def chek them out.. Thanks for dropping by..



manish said...

Nice poem.What do you mean by 'when at 12' ?? I thought you were 3-4 years old !!(check out your pic again)

so no more such poems...

johny johny yes ....

Rose said...

@ Manish..

Haha.. I wud like to think I am still a four-year old..

Eating sugar no..

aqua said...

Good one.. Something beyond the age! :)

pophabhi said...

Very nice one. Especially the ending - all for a 12 year old. Keep writing. Its good.

Generally_Speaking said...

Fabulous stuff! At the age of 12, I hadn't yet started reading novels, I was still stuck on comics like Amar Chitra Katha

Anonymous said...

i need some coaching classes to understand poetry.

Rose said...

@ Aqua & Phophabhi..

Glad that you liked it.. :)

@ Generally Speaking..

Oh, I dnt mind an Amar Chitra Katha even today.. Guess some people will never grow up.. ;)

@ Country Fella..

I belv you after seeing the poem you wrote on ur blog..

"A cottage in the hills
A condo by the sea
Lying on a hammock
Between the coconut trees"


:D :D :D


GuNs said...

WOW !!
At age 12?
You must have heightened mentality. Gosh, I'm not sure if I could spell properly when I was 12. Heck, I'm not even sure if I can spell properly NOW !!

I am sure that talent is not dead forever. If you try, I'm sure you'll be able to write more gems like that now.

Keep blogging !


satish said...

i actually have a blog on yahoo 360. and i dont want to make an extra account here on blogspot. may be some day yahoo 360 will be at the top (due to my blog i mean). :D

anyways i dont blog that often. its not my cup of tea i guess. i simply enjoy reading 'simple and yet great' blogs like that of yours!

samiranghosh said...

Awesome for a 12 yr old! Do you believe in rebiths and memory/intelectual recycles? He He!! Good read and I too think the emotions in this poem might have come of the disease your mother was suffering that time. show this to your mother, she will feel so special.

Ekta said...

*Reach for the rainbow, so far away yet so near,
It is your aim, the sky is your limit.”*

lousy?? if this is lousy wonder what a "good" poem would be like!:-)
But its amazing u managed to write such ana amzing poem at the age of 12!

Those two are my favourite lines!

Kishley said...

:)its a lovely poem.. till an year back, i never even wrote a single piece of poem and u r seriously giving me complexes..
at 12 me too was watching cartoons ( i still watch them sometimes :D)

Rose said...

@ Guns..

I still dont trust my spellings even now.. I am obliged to Bill Gates for that.. (MS Word F7 option).. :D

@ Satish..

U knw wat.. While you are commenting you can select 'Other' instead of anonymous.. It gives you the option of typing ur name and the url of ur web page.. This way me and others here can access ur blog..

@ Samiran..

Oh, she just doesnt need any reason to feel gud abt me.. Even if I show some crappy work of mine, she'l have the same proud smile on her face and say the same words. "Very good". :))) Thats y Moms are darlings, u knw?

@ Ekta..

Danku dear!!!

@ Kishley..

Well join the club of cartoon lovers.. Or three-yr olds trapped in bodies of adults.. ;)))


Aditi said...

beautiful and simple...Its amazing that u wrote this at such a young age.. thank u for sharing this

Strictly for my friends said...

If you wrote this when you were twelve, I see no reason, why you should have stopped! And it isnt one bit lousy! Its great!

Looking fwd to more great poetry!

Shakhi said...

At 12! I too used to write poetry at that age, but they were preety childish stuff yaar, this is reaally really good and much beyond the age!

Pritika Gupta said...

Oh so touching.. luved it

Johnny said...

waiting for you to write another poem. Hope to see it soon on your blog!

Shama & Diya said...

"Dr O2 said...
AT 12!!! I was watching cartoons!!! "

Haha! Same here:(

Ok about your poem, it is NOT lousy! I t is such a beautiful poem about a mother and daughter relationship. It's a gift to her child, something that the child will carry within her until he/she passes to her child. And to write that at 12 just shows how much you love your mom. It is not dark, I find it rather peaceful:)

passerby55 said...

nearly missed reading this ...
thankyou ...

Rose, each stanza is so beautifully written.I cannot stop myself from giving your *RAINBOW*


I was in smiles to read this in the end...."My mother is alive and kicking".

BLESS you and your mother...

Give us some more poetry, build all the bridges you can with your rainbows they are like:

RAINARROWS(SMILE)...they touch every feel within me!

endevourme said...

i beg to ask, what was not pleasant? and y?

Rose said...

@ Aditi..

The ppphhleazure was aaaaaaal mine.. ;)

@ Strictly 4 Friends..

Well the only thing I can think of as a reason for me to stop writing poetry.. is the age-old disease, that has grown to becum an addiction in my life - LAZINESS.. :)

@ Shakhi..

I think I write childish poetry now.. ;)

@ Pritika Gupta..

Daaaaaaanks!!!! ~beaming~

@ Johnny..

I hope so too..

@ Shama..

You are right.. Later, much later I had used this theme in a short story..

@ Passerby..

That is the best comment here!!! THANK YOU.. Thank you for the gift of a rainbow and that of a tender gaze.. :))))

@ EndeavourMe..

Uggghhhhh!!!! YOU!!!! and the fact that you are YOU!!!! ;)))


endevourme said...

ooops! my tubelight in my head is still flickering ;-)
and please, i am not EndevourMe, i am simple endevourme....

alex said...

Very beautiful and meaning ful..though you must not have understood all that you had written its so full of love...

Monica said...

Beautiful poem. I didn't see you as having lost your mother but just remembering a special moment in time with her.

Cultivate that'll go far.

Happy Independence Day. :)

Kuan Gung said...

Incredible rose...wonderful post! Amazing? you wrote this at that age, wow!!!!!!

Hari said...

great yaar -- i wouldn't write one like this at 26 ... hehehe... at 12 -- amazing... but i still like the poem u wrote for me....:))


SiN said...

I actually second dr 02's comment. Man you're truly amazing. I've always loved the way you've typed your post and although i always known that you're just a natural, born with the skill, now i am sure. I'll be waiting for your book to be published someday. Rose.. I Bow To Thee..

SiN said...

Can I Put this on "a reason to smile" blog ??

Anonymous said...

Dear rose very beautiful poem.My son of 12 is going to recite your poem on 10th may 07 in poetry competition.Ihope you donot mind.